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Visit Varenna on Lake Como

Protagonist in the past and today’s witness, Varenna has become one of the most popular tourist destinations on Lake Como, thanks to its wealth of history, art, architecture and culture.

Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi are just some of the historical places that have given Varenna fame and international interest, but it is impossible not to take into consideration the medieval beauty of the Castello di Vezio and the large presence of churches, excellent examples of different periods of religious history. You can reach Varenna by boat, after a relaxing tour on the Lake.

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Nature, from the lake to the mountains, is the frame of this magical territory, rich in fauna and flora.

Through paths and walks it is possible to become part of this natural world, to discover wonderful glimpses and landscapes rich in history and still intact charm. 

Fiumelatte Source

The stream with the milky-white waters that plunges into Lake Como

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The Fiumelatte should be counted among the shortest watercourses in Italy with only about 250 m. of development from its point of origin to its plunge into the lake. Its thunderous waters are so bubbly that they give it an incredible milky-white color, a phenomenon from which it precisely derives its name. It is a temporary stream: it appears rapidly in late March and then disappears in October.
This particular singularity has led scholars to hypothesize that the Fiumelatte represents an “overflow” of an imposing basin located in the bowels of the back glacial cirque of Moncodeno, in the Northern Grigna.
The river has aroused the curiosity of many over the centuries; among them Leonardo, who mentions the “Fiumelaccio” in folio 214 of the Codex Atlanticus.

Villa Monastero

Architecture and Botanics

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The Villa, owned by the Province of Lecco, is one of the main historical-landscape-environmental sites in the area, thanks also to its privileged position.
The complex consists of the villa, now transformed into a museum and used as a Convention Center (known internationally), and the gorgeous botanical garden that surrounds it, which extends for almost two km following the lake shore.

The events of Villa Monastero took place over a long period of time. What is now a late 18th century dwelling is actually the result of several interventions made in over nine centuries.
The Villa was initially a Cistercian nunnery dedicated to the Holy Virgin, that had veen built at the end of the 12th century in connection with the nunnery in nearby Lenno.

In the mid 16th century, the Mornico family bought the property that remained in thei ownership for over three centuries and was known as “Villa Leliana”.The Villa was then sold to other Italian and foreign purchasers until 1939, when it was donated and became a regional property and a museum.

7 Tips on what to do in Varenna

  1. Visit the Botanical Garden.
  2. Take a stroll on the Lovers’ Walk!
  3. Visit the Castle of Vezio.
  4. Enjoy a relaxing boat tour on Lake Como, taking in the scenic beauty of the area
  5. Explore the town in all is beauty and colours.
  6. Buy some souvenirs from artisans.
  7. Have a nice Aperitivo.

Where to eat in Varenna

Bistrò Varenna

Bistrò Varenna is a typically Italian place made of people, meetings and familiarity located in the historic Piazza San Giorgio di Varenna. Cafè – breakfast – appetizers – sandwiches – first courses – dessert.

Blanco Lounge Bar and Restaurant

If you are in the mood for a nice dinner on the shore, this is the place for you! On the magnificent lakefront of Varenna, Blanco Lounge Bar and Restaurant offers its own splendid location for clients that love beauty, the unique, and the exclusive! Book here

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