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Visit Bellagio on Lake Como

Bellagio: a glamorous and romantic destination on Lake Como

Bellagio is a small jewel located on the promontory that separates the two southern branches of Lake Como, those culminating in the cities of Como and Lecco. The well-known “Pearl of Lake Como” is home to a colorful historic center, beautiful gardens (parks of Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi), charming neighborhoods (such as Pescallo or San Giovanni), and much more. Its central location makes Bellagio perfect for visiting beautiful surrounding towns such as Varenna, Tremezzina or Menaggio, where you can easily arrive by boat!

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The old town, with its many small stores located along narrow, stepped streets, passageways and arcades, is world-renowned and attracts thousands of tourists each year. With its mild winter and pleasant summer, its historical town centre, its lush and varied flora, Bellagio is the ideal place for those who like calm and walks. For the more energetics, it also offers many sport and activities.

Bellagio and its amazing villas

Enjoy the amazing landscape and the beautiful gardens

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Bellagio is famous for its villas and their parks. Here, along with the local-flora, there are rare and exotic plants in splendid Italian or English style gardens. The park of Villa Serbelloni is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Italy and it takes about two hours to visit all.

Villa Serbelloni

Architecture and Botanics in one of the most beautiful parks in the world!

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The park of Villa Serbelloni covers almost the entire promontory of Bellagio and about 21 hectares. Here you can enjoy unique landscapes over the area and discover the fascinating history behind this almost magical place. The view is very captivating, with its paths surrounded by vegetation and embellished with terraces and statues. 

The original layout of the villa dates back to the 1400s and was built at the behest of Marchesino Stanga, feudal lord. In 1788 it passed to Count Alessandro Serbelloni, a member of one of the noblest and richest families in Lombardy, who devoted himself to it, concentrating mainly on the construction of the immense outdoor park. Upon the count’s death, the villa passed from property to property and, in the late 1800s, was converted into a hotel. The complex was later acquired by the American Ella Walker, Princess Della Torre and Tasso, who decided to live there again, later donating it upon her death to the Rockefeller Foundation. Today the villa is the site of conventions and study stays of the Foundation.

7 Tips on what to do in Bellagio

  1. Visit the Garden of Villa Melzi.
  2. Take amazing pictures at the tip between Como and Lecco!
  3. Take a look at the wonderful Basilica di San Giacomo.
  4. Enjoy a relaxing boat tour on Lake Como, taking in the scenic beauty of the area
  5. Explore the town in all is beauty and colours.
  6. Buy some souvenirs from silk artisans.
  7. Have a nice Aperitivo.

Where to eat in Bellagio

Ristorante Salice Blu

The most magical, cozy place where innovation marries tradition, local raw materials, and transforms them into dishes designed and prepared to enchant the guest’s palate.

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Ittiturismo Mella – a very traditional spot

The Mella fish farm offers home cooking by diversifying the proposal of dishes based on lake fish and enhancing lesser-known fish species. Great attention is paid by us in the choice of raw materials, the way of cooking them and the pleasure of recognizing their quality.

The menu is completed with the offer of traditional local dishes and homemade desserts, proposals made with raw materials from local farms and local producers. The list of farms with which we collaborate is displayed on the bulletin board at the entrance.

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